“The sound of a sound bowl touches our essence. It dissolves tension, activates the forces of self-healing and releases creative energy.”

Peter Hess

“The sound of a sound bowl touches our essence. It dissolves tension, activates the forces of self-healing and releases creative energy.”

Peter Hess

What is sound massage?

The very term “sound massage” consists of the terms SOUND and MASSAGE.

This is not about the concept of massage in the classical sense, such as in physiotherapy.

The term was chosen because the experience during the sound treatment, as the sound bowls touch them and as we move them around the body, is often described by clients as a type of “massage”. The vibration touches and massages every single cell in the body.

The treatment is extremely pleasant and completely painless.

The sound gradually removes the accumulated blockages, strengthening our ability to heal and relax only.

Unlike classical massage, there is no direct physical contact between sound massage practitioners and clients during sound massages. Sound massage is performed so that the bowls are placed on an isolated body during the massage and gently sounded with a stick and thus lead to vibration.

Pleasant sound vibrations, rich in tones are transmitted to the body and create a feeling of comfort and relaxation, returning each cell to its harmonious original vibration.

The frequency of treatment depends on the needs of the client. In the first round it would be advisable to do 4 treatments and then 2 more every other week. It is also good to periodically repeat the treatments to cleanse yourself of any accumulated negativity and maintain harmony of mind and body. 

After treatment with sound bowls, it is recommended to drink more fluids (tea or water) so that the released toxins leave the body as soon as possible. The effect of the treatment is felt long after the treatment.

All of our treatments are certified by the Peter Hess Academy, established with the goal of professional practitioners education for the application of sound bowls and gongs in therapeutic purposes.

Sound massage treatments are extremely customized for personal and professional application. They are used successfully in many areas – in physiotherapy, medicine, wellness and psychotherapy.

It can be used by all ages, as well as children and pregnant women.

Benefits of sound massage


Peter Hess® sound massage has multiple benefits, and these are just some of them:

  • Deeply relaxes
  • Relieves tension and blockages in the body
  • Reduces stress and strengthens the feeling of peace and joy
  • Gently massages with sound and harmonizes every single cell in the body
  • Increases blood and lymph flow, eliminates toxins, regulates blood pressure
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Facilitates release from negative patterns
  • Relieves chronic pain (headaches, back pain, joints…)
  • Positively affects and strengthens self-confidence, creativity and concentration
  • Alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy and speeds up recovery
  • Ideal treatment for athletes, speeds up recovery from injuries and is a great supplement to physical therapy
  • Restores the joy of life

What is a sound bath?

A sound bath is a form of meditation in the lying position, because it is potentially the way to achieve maximum relaxation. It lasts about an hour and each participant should determine their intention to take a bath, such as healing a part of the body, resolving a life situation, releasing unwanted emotions, relaxing, etc. The sounds of gongs and sound bowls brings a person into a meditative state; feelings for time and space, although the person is aware of everything, are slowly lost. The sounds of gongs and bowls calm the nervous system and deeply relax, regulate the work of endocrine glands, stimulate circulation, regulate blood pressure, regulate the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, strengthen immunity, creativity, intuition and encourage body cleansing from toxins,…

After the bath, it is recommended to be in silence for a few minutes, which is as important as just playing, because then everything that is achieved during the sound bath is integrated. This type of therapy is called a sound bath or gong bath because it represents the fact that the human body is bathed in sound.


The impact of the sound of gongs and bowls:

  • calms the nervous system and deeply relaxes
  • regulates the work of the endocrine glands
  • stimulates circulation
  • regulates blood pressure
  • balances the work of the left and right brain hemispheres
  • strengthens immunity and promotes body cleansing of toxins
  • encourages creativity, intuition and joy of life

The sound of Gong stimulates the flow of prana through the chakras and meridians (nadis), and removes energy blockades (subconscious programs and traumas).

How does gong sound therapy work?

The vibration frequency of a healthy body is 60 -70 Hz, and during disease it decreases, especially in organs with poor condition. The gong vibrates in tones above 100 Hz, causing the body to raise the frequency and go towards healing. Sound vibrations massage organs, muscles, tendons and nerves. During treatment, the brain goes from a working beta state to an alpha state of relaxation and creativity, then to a theta state in which our subconscious and intuition are active, and finally – a delta state when we achieve healing.


Sound is an energy that has a power to heal.

Sound therapy restores the body’s original vibration, which is perfect at birth, and as we grow up, it is disturbed due to external and internal factors. Sound therapy affects every cell in the body, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain. One of these sides is less represented, and with sound therapy they are brought into harmony, which results in regeneration. The high fluid content in the body enables the transmission of sound waves and vibrations. With a targeted approach, individual vibrations and conscious correction of frequencies, we can regain a state of harmony with ourselves, restore balance and support health.

What happens during a sonic bath?

In the lying position, maximum relaxation is achieved that lasts about an hour, after which it feels as if sleep has lasted 8 hours. Within 20 minutes the brain changes state and your body relaxes. Some people notice feelings coming to the surface, others no longer feel pain, and most find a clearer picture of life’s purpose. The sound bath initiates a detoxification process that lasts for several days after the bath and releases toxins, which is why it is important to drink plenty of water to help the body cleanse process and wash out toxins.

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Serenity treatment price list


Basic sound massage 


It relieves tension and blockades in the body that we accumulate throughout the week.

It balances and energizes, and is performed while lying on your stomach.

Duration: 40min

Price: 40 eur


Deep sound massage 


After an intro conversation and introduction to sound therapy, I provide you a treatment that relieves you of ingrainedstress.

It harmonizes and relaxes every cell in your body. It brings relief from pain, restlessness and anxiety to people with impaired health.

It covers both the front and back of the body.

Duration: 50min

Price: 50 eur


Personalized sound massage


Treatment customized exclusively to the needs of you and your general condition.

Intensive work that includes all our conditions in an hour; mentally, emotionally and physically. It puts you in a deep state of relaxation and removes all accumulated blockades. It effectively helps with pain, anxiety, insomnia and in the post surgery period.

Duration: 60min

Price: 60 eur


Treatment for pregnant women


Sound massage of deep relaxation

Sensitive treatment intended for pregnant women who want to prepare the mind, soul and body for the unique life journey and strengthen the bond with their child, sleep better, get rid of the everyday life pressure and fear of the expected birth.

Duration: 45min

Price: 45 eur


Sound massage for children


Individual approach

Specially customized treatment depending on the age of the child. Sound bowl and gong treatments enrich children’s play, imagination and creativity. They increase concentration and help make learning easier. Children learn to find a place of inner peace which greatly helps them in their lives.

Duration: 30min

Price: 30 eur



Regenerating sound massage

Very intensive and in-depth treatment. It enables the body to totally regenerate at the deepest level.

Duration 100 min

price: 100 eur


Carefully designed sound massage treatment in which you will connect with the deeper levels of your being. In which you will listen to messages that will be whispered to you by your intuition in the form of thoughts, images, memories. In which you will accept the inner darkness, connect with your inner world in which we are renewed, and then turn on the light there.

Duration 60 min

price: 60 eur


SERENITY Guided meditation / individual and group

A powerful recovery process and encouraging self-healing. It deeply relaxes and vibrations stimulate the flow of energy.

Duration 60min

Price on request


Sound bath for couples.

It balances and connects more deeply with the partner. It restores energy and reduces accumulated stress.

Duration 70min

Price: 70 eur



3 arrivals: 110 eur
5+1 free: 200 eur



3 arrivals: 140 eur
5+1 free: 250 eur



3 arrivals: 170 eur
5+1 free: 300 eur


3 arrivals: 290 eur
5+1 free: 500 eur


3 arrivals: 125 eur


3 arrivals: 80 eur

ABOUT ME / Sandra Jurenović

Certified sound massage practitioner

It’s an amazing fact to find everything you really need – Tibetan bowls and their sound and vibration were a recognition of something primordial that is an absolute part of me. A completely natural experience with which I healed my emotional traumas and helped my body recover as quickly and easily as possible after two difficult surgeries. They eased the challenges of demanding single motherhood and brought me peace where it hadn’t been for a long time.

Just as I was magnetically attracted to the sound of therapeutic bowls, so now I share my passion to help others and bring them a positive vibration closer.

SERENITY is the realization of my dreams! I am happy to have my own safe place where I can help other people get back in balance, awaken their creative energy, and enjoy the positive vibes.

How did Serenity come about?


Peace, serenity, bliss… who wouldn’t want that in today’s bustling world? With this idea, SERENITY-sound massage studio was created.

The word SERENITY itself has the Latin root of the word meaning peace and serenity. Our goal is to restore the balance of body, mind and soul – and we do this with original Peter Hess® therapeutic sound bowls made by hand in Nepal from 12 precious metals. Their quality is incomparable and sound capabilities are outstanding.

If we accept the fact that sound is vibration, and we know that vibration can affect every part of our physical being, then we realize that we hear sound not only with our ears but with every cell because everything in the universe vibrates. All the objects around us, the soil, the plants are made up of molecules that vibrate. And our body vibrates. Each of our organs, cells vibrate with its own frequency. If due to the influence of stress, inadequate diet and lifestyle, some of these cells begin to vibrate at different resonant frequencies, the disease occurs. Fortunately, health can be regained by restoring the original frequency.

Who is Peter Hess?


Peter Hess began his career as a physicist and engineer, but his lifelong interest in teaching and psychology brought him to India and Nepal where he studied non-traditional forms of healing. Inspired by a different approach to health, he began to explore the effects of sounds on the mind and body of man.

He started working with sound bowls in 1984 and soon developed “Sound massage according to the method of Peter Hess”, today a very effective method of using sound, which he began to teach in workshops and seminars. “The sound of a sound bowl touches our essence. It dissolves tension, activates the forces of self-healing and releases creative energy”, explains Hess.

The Peter Hess Institute, founded 25 years ago in Germany, has over 16 academies and branches worldwide. By the way, modern medicine today confirms sound therapy as a medium of promoting health, from which it follows that sound is a type of energy medicine that can cure people of disorders caused by stressful lifestyle, depression, reduce pain, get rid of emotional blockades, etc. In that context, it should certainly be emphasized that in his many years of practice across Europe, it is the Peter Hess method that has produced very successful sound therapy results in people with disabilities and serious diseases.

Hess has also developed a very recognizable program for applying the sound of sound bowls in working with children – the so-called “Click” program.




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